Familie Huber


Huber Fenster AG is an independent, medium-sized family business. We specialize in the development and production of high-quality windows and façade elements. Our successful company is currently being run by the fifth generation of Hubers with a great passion, and a high level of expertise and commitment that has passed down from generation to generation, and also infected the company’s employees, who come from a total 16 different countries. Quality plays a major role at Huber Fenster AG and our company has been certified according to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System since 1997. We offer our services and products all over Switzerland, above all in the Zurich, Basel, Engadin and Geneva regions.


Huber Fenster AG focuses on people and considers them the key factor in the success of its company. Our relationship with our employees is a partnership built on respect and trust. We consciously invest in the training and development of each and every employee. The promotion and advancement of young employees is one of our key concerns at Huber Fenster AG and we are known as one of the leading training companies in the industry (always about seven apprentices). Objective consulting services on a personal level allow us to form a bond of trust with our customers and to establish lasting partnerships and personal relationships. We consider ourselves a team with our customers, and it is often our discussions and efforts to develop an idea together that ultimately provide the optimal solution.


As part of society, we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. We advise our customers according to environmental criteria and place a major emphasis on the sustainable use of the wood. Our geographical proximity to our customers allows us to keep shipping distances short. Modern production technologies ensure the efficient use of energy. Our own biomass (chips/shavings) is used to heat our property and the neighbouring buildings. We also produce electricity using our own photovoltaic system.