You can find our contacts in the  Contacts. On issues related to the protection of personal data, you can contact us by the e-mail info@huberfenster.ch.

The privacy policy applies to all Huber Fenster AG websites. For other websites linked to the Huber Fenster AG websites, the privacy policy cannot be guaranteed.

The explanation of where the data is collected and how it is processed is presented below.

1.1 General provisions of the privacy policy

As part of our operations, data is collected through various programs and services and stored in different places. For example, data is collected when you use the application form, or Google Analytics saves your IP address to provide us with actions on the web page. Various “data aggregators” are discussed below..


We take care of all our data, but concerning the General Regulations on the protection of personal data, personal data is especially in demand for us. It includes your name, address, phone number, etc., as well as your IP address and sometimes your username. That is, it’s all the data that can identify you as an individual. 

However, this does not include data that indicates an entrepreneur or organization.

When you leave personal information on our site, for example, through the contact form, comments, etc., please pay attention to what information you want to leave: for example, do not leave confidential data in the comments, do not tell us particularly delicate data through the contact form.        THE PURPOSE OF DATA PROCESSING

Data processing has various purposes, which are also described in detail below.

We mainly use the data to contact the customer and fulfill the order, to provide our offers and services on the Internet, and also to receive feedback. Similarly, the data is used within our marketing.         DATA PROCESSING BY THIRD PARTIES

As part of our online resource, as well as to improve interaction with users, we involve third parties and organizations to fill the site with written and video content, update offers, etc. third Parties and organizations read your IP address to provide you with the necessary materials regarding the website. Some third-party persons and organizations with whom we cooperate will be considered separately below.

Third parties and organizations may be located outside Switzerland and the European Union. However, we guarantee that these organizations comply with the privacy policy.

In addition to Cookies, third parties and organizations can also track pixel tags that aggregate information such as user data and other information from other sources. Details are presented in the following paragraphs.

In exceptional cases, the data may be transferred to third parties if it’s necessary to track our claims or if there is a legal obligation.         DELETION AND CANCELLATION

The data collected is either purposefully deleted or saved until canceled if it is not subject to preservation. For detailed information about deleting and storing data, see the appropriate paragraphs.

For information and deletion requests, you can contact us at e-mail



This site supports the installation of Cookies. Cookies are small text files that are temporarily or permanently saved on your computer when you visit this website. The purpose of cookies is, among other things, to analyze the statistics of the use of this website and its constant development. The purpose of the use of Cookies is also to optimize the user’s experience (for example, storage of items in the shopping cart).

You can disable all or part of the cookies in your browser settings at any time. If cookies are disabled, the features of this site may not be available to you.

Additional information about individual cookies can be found in the appropriate paragraphs.


1.2         Collection of contacts and communication with Huber Fenster AG

Our website provides various ways to contact us, such as application form or comments.

The entered data is saved and used to process your request, as well as for our further communication with you. In addition, the data is stored for internal purposes (e.g. Analytics, reporting, and documentation) and any further contacts (for further customer support, feedback, etc.). Thus,  this data will be stored for internal purposes even after the termination of service until they are completely deleted.

Please do not share information if you do not want us or others to receive it (especially through public comments!). In this regard, please do not send us confidential information (such as credit card information) via email or contact form. If necessary, it is better to transfer confidential information by phone.

If you do not want to use the contact form or email, you can contact us via phone number 071 354 88 11.

If you wish to delete certain information, please contact us directly at e-mail info@huberfenster.ch.

Your data will be saved in various places (e.g. email program, website, backup, CRM system) and stored on the server of our Globonet host.

1.2.1         CONTACT FORM, E-MAIL

All information that you send to us via the contact form, as well as by the e-mail, will be processed in the manner described above. The data you send includes data that you specify in the required and optional fields, as well as in the messages field. Your IP address can also be saved..


With the comments function, you can contact us and also participate in the discussion within our blog.

To make each user feel comfortable with the communication, we ask you to come up with a user name by which it will be possible to maintain contact and engage in discussion. A user picture is not requested on our website.

To reduce false requests, we request an e-mail address. It is also necessary in case we will need to contact a potential customer or for legal reasons to determine who is the owner of the account. The IP address is also saved.

The information specified in the comment field is saved and, if necessary, published on the site. Please do not publish confidential information about yourself. You can also use a made-up username.

Your comments will be stored on our website and in a backup copy. As an important part of the content, comments are stored/published on an ongoing basis. For requests for deletion or modification, please contact us at e-mail: info@huberfenster.ch.

If we identify the need to maintain contact (potential customer, other request or questions/support/service) in a comment, the information is processed in accordance with section 1.2.

1.3         MAILING LIST

We provide mailing list as part of our marketing and information activities. By signing up for our mailing list, you receive up-to-date information about changes, promotions, offers, and other content.

In order to do this, we store your e-mail address, your IP address and, if necessary, other information, such as your first and last name, to personalize the mailing and customize it according to your interests and needs.

You can sign up for our mailing list on different pages of our website. When you sign up for our mailing list, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, in which you must agree to receive information on our mailing list again. Only in case of repeated confirmation, we will include you in the mailing list of recipients.

You can also become a mail recipient by other means (for example, at a fair or exhibition when leaving your contacts for mailing). In such cases, you will surely be informed and will receive a confirmation.

We use your data for mailing. We may also use them to evaluate the effectiveness of the mailing (all contacts or individuals).

Your data is saved (except for cancellation). However, you can delete your account or unsubscribe from the mailing list using a special link-unsubscribe at any time. You can also write to us at info@huberfenster.ch  .

We are also happy to provide you with information about data processing.

For mailing list, we use a Swiss provider TrendMailer company trendpoint GmbH. Information can be found under trendmailer contact information and Terms.

1.4         Google Service and Privacy

This website uses Google services (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA).

Pages that explain the privacy policy of Google products are listed below:

Please check the privacy settings of your Google account – there you can specify what data Google may collect once you are logged into your Google account.


This website uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics, in turn, uses Cookies. Information about your use of this website (including your IP address) collected by Cookies is transmitted to a Google server in the United States and stored there.

Google will use this information to evaluate your use of the website, compiling reports on website activity for website operators, and providing other services relating to website activity and Internet usage. Google may also transfer this information to third parties as required by law, or if third parties process the data on Google’s behalf.

Google will in no way associate your IP address with other Google data. By using this website, you agree to the processing of data collected about you by Google in the manner and for the purpose previously described (Google Analytics terms and Conditions).

Your personal data may be deleted after 14 months or hidden.

See the following link to get information on privacy in Google  Informationen zum Datenschutz bei Google.         MASKING THE IP ADDRESS / ANONYMITY

We, as a website operator, have also initiated the masking of your IP address. Thanks to IP masking, your IP address will be changed so that you cannot be identified as an individual. Thus, all other data, such as location, etc., can be captured.

For example, we use aggregated anonymous data from Google Analytics to improve the performance of the website or to evaluate our marketing activities.         HOW TO PREVENT TRACKING VIA GOOGLE: BROWSER ADDON

If you do not want for your data either on this or on other sites to be tracked by Google Analytics, you can download the Addon service  https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout for different browsers.

For more information about using this service, see https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/gajs/#disable


As part of our marketing activities, we use Google AdWords to serve ads in various formats on the Internet. We generally do not process personal information; please see Google’s Advertising information for details.

However, cookies are used for a variety of functions, including the effective presentation of advertisements on our or other websites (see below).         REMARKETING

This site uses Google’s remarketing function. It is designed to collect portraits of the target audience – potential visitors of the website within the Google advertising network for more effective advertising. When you visit our website, the visitor’s browser stores cookies (as defined above) that identify the visitor when they visit websites belonging to the Google Advertising network. These pages can then serve ads to visitors that are related to content that the visitor has previously viewed on sites that use Google’s remarketing feature.

These cookies may also be set by third-party providers such as Doubleclick and others.

Google stores various information, such as the browser or pages visited, as well as an anonymous IP address on our page. According to Google, the information assembled by Google may be combined with other information from other sources. The data is used anonymously if you have not given your consent to Google.

Following links  https://policies.google.com/technologies/ads?hl=de и https://support.google.com/ads/answer/1634057?hl=de you can find more information, including instructions on how to disable the display of advertisements that are inapplicable to your interests.

1.4.3         GOOGLE MAPS

This website uses the Google Maps service of Google Inc. to show the locations on the map by a quick link to Google Maps and easy routing (improving the service for the user).

Google Maps reads the IP address or location information and processes it. By using this website, you agree on the collection, editing and use of data, automatically assembled by Google Inc., official representatives, as well as third parties.

You can find the Google Maps terms of use in the Google Maps Terms of service or the Google Terms of service. You can configure various privacy settings, such as location, in your browser or your mobile device settings.

1.4.4         GOOGLE FONTS

The website uses Google Fonts service. To enable the fonts you use when you open a web page, you are connected to a Google server that installs the correct font.

The connection allows Google to receive and process specific data. For more information, see the following pages:

1.4.5         YOUTUBE


We upload videos via YOUTUBE. For information about what data this service processes, see the sections:

We care about how to show video with enhanced privacy function.

1.5         Social media privacy policy

Today, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Co.  are an effective channel for marketing and analytics. They help to bring customers, improve customer service. We also use social media to distribute our company’s offers. 

Any interaction with social media channels is also subject to the provisions of the privacy policy. The main ones are listed below:

You will also find information on the privacy settings of the respective accounts.

Some social networks store a wide variety of information when you log in as a user. For example, what web pages are available. For details, see the individual privacy and social network policies. If you want to prevent this, please check the privacy settings of the respective operators. You can also log out and delete cookies.


On our websites, you can interact with social media channels and share content.

When using the “share” function and, in particular, if you are logged in to our site through a social network, data can be transferred to this social network, as they link your account. Third parties may also set cookies.

Please refer to the relevant privacy policy and settings (see above). Please note that social networks can track your behavior and views on the website if you are logged in via social network.


Within the marketing activities, the recruitment and maintenance and communications with clients, if necessary, an exchange of data in different social networks is conducted, for example, on our Facebook page.

This is governed by the Privacy Policy of the respective channels (see above for details). For your privacy, we ask you not to share sensitive data with us through these channels (such as privacy data) through the comments, as we have no influence on how individual social networks process this data. We will be happy to contact you directly via email or phone.

Provide us with information about you (such as name, contact information, etc.) that is relevant to us and our activities (for example, to establish contact and establish customer relations, support requests, etc.) on social media. This data is processed in accordance with paragraph 1.2.