Building Projects for Protected Buildings – Combining Aesthetics and Technology

The historic preservation windows by Huber Fenster AG are available in wood or wood/metal and set themselves apart through the intricate reproduction of existing windows and profiles. We consider it very important to preserve things of value and maintain the façade character of protected buildings. That is why we use the finest details to ensure optimal window solutions.


Despite their antique design, the windows fulfil the latest standards when it comes to insulation, noise protection, burglary protection and user-friendliness. Individual customer wishes are always taken into consideration: We construct extremely thin sash profiles, and install various different drawn glass types (e.g. Tikana, Restover, Goetheglas) and modern fittings. We restore old fittings and can also reproduce them. This also includes the use of steel ring hinges, cremone bolts and rod locks. When it comes to the form, we always follow the historic model, e.g. round arch, segmental arch and basket arch. We use great attention to detail to combine technology with the unique aesthetics of historic buildings.