Due to the years of experience of Huber Fenster AG and the continuous improvement of its products, customers’ wishes can be realized individually, including the creative approach.

Insect protection
Insect protection can be hidden in our sliding doors. It is important to consider the mosquito nets installation already at the planning stage.
Due to cooperation with specialists from divario, who are with us in the same building, high-quality electrical insulating or pleated blinds can be individually customized.

Glazed into the threshold
The frameless lift and slide doors that are glazed directly into the threshold offer a spacious feeling. The fixed element is thereby installed without a sash, which ensures maximum light and harmonious transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Stoppers are a proprietary development. The are made of chrome steel and flush-mounted. The coating allows them to be colour-matched to the element.

The lift and slide door thresholds are available in different wood types. On request the parquet flooring can be integrated into the threshold, so that the flooring is flush with the fixed glazing. We place a special emphasis on individuality and it is also possible to use one type of wood for the threshold and another for the remainder of the frame.