Lift and Slide Doors and Windows – the Feeling of Living Outdoors

Huber Fenster AG manufactures user-friendly lift and slide doors and windows in wood, wood/metal and wood/architectural bronze. Lift and slide doors are often used in modern architecture. They create spacious, sun-drenched rooms and a natural harmony between outdoor and indoor spaces. And yes, you even get the feeling of living outdoors.

High-Quality Proprietary Developments

One of our specially designed lift and slide door systems has a thinner sash width than a window. In the case of large surfaces and heavier weights, we use another one of our special developments: the motorized lift and slide door. Our lift and slide threshold is also a proprietary development. Lift and slide doors can naturally also be combined with other elements. All-glass corner-joint systems, also known as multi-layer glass corner systems, are also not a problem. In addition, our product range also includes all-glass lift and slide doors, and our thresholdless solutions also very popular, i.e. frameless fixed glazing that is integrated directly into the threshold. They have no fixed sash and offer maximum light and an unobstructed view.