The product group Gadget are high-quality in-house developments from Huber Fenster AG. Our customers can choose from a wide range of various special solutions.

Many gadgets are the result of specific customer needs or the desire to improve existing solutions from visual and functional point of view. The Huber-Gadgets have a long development phase and have been extensively tested. The assortment of our gadgets is steadily growing. We are constantly developing new ideas and testing them out. Our products are characterized by their straightforward, minimalistic design and benign functional properties.

Nano-Rosette 1900

Minimalistic stainless steel rosette with grip for both window- and lift and slide doors-handles.

Nano-Rosette 1903

Elegant safety rosette. This rosette can only be opened and closed with the appropriate key. It is suitable for window elements which should not be opened by laymen.

Nano-Rosette 1904

Classic, made of stainless steel rosette with square operation. Alternative to bolted sashes or attached rosettes.

Nano-Rosette 1908

Sophisticated rosette with specially developed handle mechanism. The rosette can only be opened with the appropriate handle. The rosette can hold the twisted handle, which facilitates the process of usage greatly.

Flush-mounted Rosette handle

Various handle rosettes can either be mounted flush or slightly protruding in the sash profile.

Customized handle © Herzog & de Meuron

Custom-designed wooden handle for lift and slide doors with concealed fastening.

Door stopper for lift and slide doors

The stopper design is made of stainless steel and is integrated flush into the door profile. At the request of the client, the stoppers can also be coated with aluminium.

Threshold for lift and slide doors

Our specially developed thresholds lift and slide doors can be adopted to any customer wishes. Do you want parquet to be connected with blind glazing or threshold’s type of wood would be different from the main frame? This is not a problem.

The guide rails are beautifully mounted without screws. External edge is connected according to SIA requirements.

Plisse mosquito nets

MINI, MIDI or MAXI. For all three systems lift and slide doors, you can install a plisse mosquito nets in the door frame. By default, the mosquito net fits a 1000 mm doorway. On request, it can be made larger. Plisse aluminium profiles are coated or anodized to match the shade of window profiles.

Rolling mosquito net for lift and slide doors

Rolling mosquito net can also be installed in the loft and slide doors MIDI and MAXI. Optionally, with electric or manual control.