Highest Distinction for Lift and Slide Door MINI in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017

The jury has spoken: After several days of deliberation and assessing thousands of products from all over the world, our Lift and Slide Door MINI was awarded the highest distinctions at the Red Dot Awards: the Red Dot Award: Product Design and the Red Dot: Best of the Best. Huber Fenster AG has created an exceptional and groundbreaking design with its Lift and Slide Door MINI, making it the manufacturer of one of the best products of the year.

The Lift and Slide Door MINI in wood/metal sets itself apart with its clear contours and minimal dimensions. The sophisticated sash frame with a profile width of 51mm, the flush-mounted rosette handle and CNS stopper allow the door to appear even slimmer. The fixed glazing is integrated directly into the specially developed threshold; fine guide rails complete the product.

Professor Peter Zec, initiator and CEO of the Red Dot Award: “The Red Dot: Best of the Best award is presented by the jury for outstanding design. Perfect harmony of quality between functionality, appeal, use and responsibility is something that only the true visionaries of design can fulfil. The award finds these groundbreaking designs and shares them with the whole world.”

The Essen-based “Red Dot Award: Product Design” has established itself as an important international design competition. The first jury gathered over 60 years ago to distinguish the best designs of the time. Ever since, a team of experts has come together every year to award what has become the quality seal for outstanding design and innovative excellence.

In 2017, the organizers of the award once again invited manufacturers and designers from all over the world to submit their products. The roughly 40-member jury comprised of independent designers, design professors and trade journalists tested, discussed and evaluated every single product and awarded the Honourable Mention for a well-conceived detailed solution, the Red Dot Award: Product Design for excellent in design quality and the Red Dot: Best of the Best award for groundbreaking design. Altogether, this year’s competition received over 5,500 entries from 54 countries.

Short interview with the developers of the Lift and Slide Door MINI

What was your aim when designing your winning product?
We wanted to develop a lift and slide door that could be produced with the same profile dimensions in wood or wood/metal. The design was to be reduced to the technical minimum, yet still have the same consistent style and design down to the last detail. In terms of day to day use, we were looking for practicality and functionality.

Is the design of your winning product based on a specific design approach?
Our products are influenced by the architecture of today, which impresses with large glass surfaces, a lot of light and clear lines. The Lift and Slide Door MINI meets these requirements and can be integrated into modern properties seamlessly. A large selection of woods, materials and colours provides a huge amount of room for customer-specific wishes.

How do you define quality/design quality?
Quality is in the detail. We are convinced that a well-conceived, properly worked product by a skilled craftsman represents the foundation for good quality. This can be felt and combines design and functionality. The customer should be able to enjoy the product throughout its entire lifetime. Excellent quality can also help a brand to set itself apart.

Where do you currently see the greatest challenges in your industry?
It is challenging to constantly develop new ideas and stay one step ahead of the competition with the ever-increasing speed of innovation. Only innovative and unique products allow us to establish a corresponding price on the market. In order to master these challenges, we need highly motivated and capable employees.

Where do you see your industry in ten years and what trends and developments do you expect?
The digitalization of products will continue to increase. The linking of a wide range of different products to smartphones and other intelligent systems is more relevant than ever. This requires companies to address topics that do not necessarily fall into their core areas of competence.

What does the Red Dot: Best of the Best award mean to you?
The Red Dot: Best of the Best award is a major success for us, for two reasons: On the one hand we have taken part in the competition for the first time and are very proud to have won it. On the other hand, it shows that we are on the right track with our products. We were always convinced by our product; the fact that others are now also convinced is all the more pleasing.