Swinging Casement or Vertical Sliding Windows?
The perfect view through wood, wood/metal or wood/architectural bronze windows

Huber Fenster AG offers a wide variety of solutions in wood, wood/metal and wood/architectural bronze. Windows give your building a unique charm, significantly enhance architectural design and represent both stylistic and functional elements. Our products meet the highest expectations.

Interesting Design Perspectives

Our windows are very often used in modern architecture. We ensure a harmonious transition between outdoor and indoor areas using sophisticated, customer-specific solutions to create a unique light and design experience. Our solutions are simple, elegant, distinct and state-of-the-art. We offer inside and/or outside flush or recessed windows, and a wide range of other tailored combinations. Our extensive range of products includes all-glass corner-joint systems, multi-layer glass corner systems, and frameless joined glass systems. Our standard designs are complemented by custom solutions such as swinging casement windows, vertical sliding windows, retractable windows, flush-mounted façade windows, and inswing and outswing windows.